Project: Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction

Client: Blenheim House Construction

In the Spring of 2015 Aquascience Ltd were engaged by Blenheim House Construction to install and landscape a large bentonite lined lake as part of the redevelopment of an old farm house and outbuildings complex in Sussex. The project commenced on the 3rd of March 2015 and ran for 10 weeks.

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 1Topsoil is stripped and areas marked out

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 2Profile is cut and filled and slope carefully graded

The initial ground works required that over 3500m3 of materials were excavated and moved to provide a perfectly compacted sub-base, ready to receive a suitable impervious liner.

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 3Installation of a bentonite waterproof barrier

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 4The Liner is rolled out ready for covering

Constructed on a slope, the clay sub soil type lended itself well to the cut and fill methodology and ultimately to the installation of a bentonite waterproof barrier. The preferred material in this instance was Bentomat, a membrane installed with a high degree of precision by our experienced site team. The liner was supplied by Verdant Solutions, a company with which Aquascience Ltd has had a long association.

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 5A layer of soil is used to protect the liner

Under the watchful eye of a structural engineer and surveyor the lake was formed, level key trenches cut and the new embankment compacted with a deep vibration Ramex roller.

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 6Filling with a ready water supply is always an anxious time

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 7The boat jetty and lake fill approaches completion

Once fully constructed with the liner installed to the manufacturers’ specification the eagerly awaited lake filling commenced. It was at this point Daphnia were introduced to mitigate the potential of algal blooms.

Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction 8New lake 3 weeks after completion

Now complete with a matrix of appropriate marginal plants the lake offers an exciting new view from the house and an aesthetic landscaped alternative to the hill top grassland. The new construction has provided an array of diverse new habitat and as a result newly arrived wildlife. Of the many new species it has brought in, there is one unexpected. Ironically the lake now provides a revitalised House Martin population with nesting materials for the construction of their own dwellings within the new complex!

Working under CDM regulations with Blenheim House Construction as the principle contractor, Aquascience Ltd delivered the project on time and on budget.

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