Wetland Restoration Projects and Case Studies by Aquascience Ltd UK

Wetland Restoration Projects and Case Studies delivered throughout the UK by Aquascience Ltd

The aim of the project was to rectify the bed gradient of the long-river profile by bed raising and removal of impounding features...

Read more: Oakley Beat River Restoration

Aquascience Ltd were successful in tendering for a ‘design and build’ contract to enhance 6 separate reaches on the River Medina

Read more: River Medina Urban Channel Enhancement

Aquascience Ltd delivered this innovative embankment restoration as part of the Itchen Navigation Heritage Trail.

Read more: Repair of Embankment Hockley

In the Spring of 2015 Aquascience Ltd were engaged by Blenheim House Construction to install and landscape a large bentonite lined lake...

Read more: Holdhurst Farm Lake Construction

This project took place on a publicly accessible site where activities have seriously damaged marginal habitats

Read more: River Itchen Bank Reconstruction

In 2012 WLW Ltd were awarded a contract to design a restoration scheme for 13kms of the River Arun

Read more: River Arun Restoration Strategy

Restore Avington Park Lake and preserve its heritage, landscape, ecological and recreational resources for the future.

Read more: Avington Park Lake Restoration

Aquascience Ltd won the tender for a ‘design and build’ contract to enhance two heavily modified reaches of the River Itchen in Winchester City Centre.

Read more: Winchester River Enhancement

The project won the Natural Environment prize of the Waterways Renaissance Awards 2012.

Read more: Itchen Navigation Heritage Trail

Braemore Pond is a SSSI which is noted for the presence of the protected species Great Crested Newts

Read more: Breamere Pond Restoration

Bed raising was carried out to create a 60m spawning riffle on a previously silt-filled channel.

Read more: Gravel Bed Raising River Anton

This project made significant changes to the River Welland in Market Harborough and received much support from local people

Read more: Welland River Restoration

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