Barley Straw Installations


Barley Straw Installations

Aquascience Ltd has a proven track record in devising and installing algal control. Our services include the successful use of barley straw to protect valuable water assets from algal blooms. These specialist products are designed to create new micro-habitats to improve water quality.

Aquascience has a proven track record in devising and installing long-lasting, sustainable algal control strategies based on the simple principles above. Our Aquabalance units have been used to control green filamentous algae in trout fisheries, sewage treatment works and private lakes.

Prior to implementing a remediation plan, a macro-invertebrate survey is recommended as a benchmark to measure future improvements in water quality and flag up deficiencies in the natural algal control mechanisms


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Aquascience Ltd have an impressive client base whom we are proud to provide our services

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