About Aquascience Ltd


About Aquascience Ltd

Aquascience Ltd is a well established company specialising in river, lake and wetland restoration which has been formed by the amalgamation of two long standing businesses, WLW Ltd and Aquascience.

Collectively the three directors have decades of experience covering all aspects of waterway restoration and management, including the design, engineering and delivery of complex river projects, fishery management, water quality improvement and habitat restoration. The company also operates its own aquatic nursery, supplying a range of native marginal plants of guaranteed provenance.

Experience and Knowledge

  • River Habitat
  • River Engineering
  • Lake and Pond Ecology
  • Fishery Management
  • Water Quality and Algal Control

Passion and Commitment

We are passionate about rivers, with a special interest in urban river restoration, and are committed to building quality into every aspect of our project work.

In fulfilment of this commitment, we will always:

  • Communicate fully and frankly with our clients, colleagues and customers in a co-operative spirit
  • Call upon our past experiences to add value to our projects
  • Be adaptable and innovative
  • Conduct all operations in an effective and safe manner
  • Engage with all parties, including members of the public, in an open, polite and informative manner


Meet the Team

Our Clients

Aquascience Ltd have an impressive client base whom we are proud to provide our services

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